Hey everyone I’m finally back with another tutorial! Over christmas and new year I’ve been gifted and bought quite a hefty amount of new makeup mainly in the eye and lip department so I’m going to be showcasing a few of these new products today.

This look came off the top of my head and I’m really happy with how it turned out mixing warm and cool tones together to create a dramatic halo eye. Halo eyes aren’t easy to recreate it’s taken me ages to perfect it but, following the loose idea of halo eyes you see other makeup artists create, it becomes quite easy to fit it to your natural eye shape.

So onto the tutorial, the order in which I do my makeup hasn’t changed in the slightest so first step is brows. I’m still using my Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow in Dark Brown and filling them in the same way, however I recently purchased the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz also in Dark Brown, so I’ve been using this to sort out the front of my eyebrows, instead of using the dip brow to mimic a light outline at the base of my brow and mimic hairs I’m using the Brow Wiz as it’s not as harsh as the dip brow and easier to clean up. I’ve been trying this for about a week and I am loving this product but I do feel I will run out of it very quickly because it is so fine and thin. After filling in my eyebrows I’m carving them out with MAC Studio Finish concealer and setting them into place using NYX Control Freak eyebrow gel.


Onto the eye look, I primed my eyes using the same MAC concealer and set it using Wax Paper(1) (bone white) from the Zoeva Caramel Melange palette.


Following this I took a large angled fluffy brush and Universal Delight(2) (warm taupe) from the same palette and blended this very loosely throughout my crease and up to the front of my brows. This is the first tutorial I’ve featured this palette in and I can say I’m very impressed, the quality of the shadows are second to none, so smooth and buttery and the foiled shadows are incredibly soft and packed full of pigment.

On the day I did this look I had just opened an order from Cult Beauty, I finally got my hands on the coveted Morphe 35O palette. Since none of the shades in the palettes have names I’ve numbered the shades used in order to hopefully make this easier to follow.


I first took the peachy brown colour (1) on a large fluffy brush and concentrated this on top of Universal Delight and applying more colour in the crease. I continued with the same brush and a deeper orange (2) and located this just in the crease and started to build this up very lightly on the outer and inner corners of my eyes. I took the bright orange (3) which is almost neon and again placed this on the outer and inner corners and loosely connecting together through the crease, and continued to deepen further with the warm red shade (4) using the same packing motion then loosely blending it out, all using the same Zoeva blending brush. I then took the warm brown (5) on a denser eyeshadow brush, the ones pictured are 2 cheap ones I bought for halloween makeup a couple of years ago but are great for packing on colour and I’m not bothered if these brushes get stained. I focused the warm brown on the outer and inner corners only to keep adding depth. The key to this look is to keep blending in between each shade and slowly add depth with different colours.


Next I used the Morphe 35P palette and I took the two cranberry shades (1) on the dense packing brush and built these up on the outer and inner corners and blended through using the MAC 217 brush as the tapered bristles allow for more precise blending. To blur the edges between a cool cranberry and the bright oranges I took a tiny bit of the mauve shade (2) on a Nyx Crease brush and blended out the edges again to create a seamless gradient.


Whilst this look was an experiment I started to think the crease colours weren’t as bright as I’d originally hoped so I opened my beloved Urban Decay Electric palette and the shade Savage (1) which is a bright, bold matte pink and ran this between the cranberry and orange to give another layer of depth and a bit of a pop to the eye look.

To continue the experimental theme I wanted to try a mix of warm and cool tones so in the halo eye, in the centre of my lid I used a flat packing brush and sprayed it with MAC Fix plus and went in with Revolt (2) a bright, highly metallic silver and pressed this on the centre, working it between the cranberry shades and going back on forth between the two colours to create a smooth transition.


I’m a sucker for glitter and especially Nyx Face and Body Glitter in Crystal, this is such a staple glitter for me as I can use it anywhere, it’s not too fine and not too chunky, so I laid down some of the Nyx Glitter primer first and then packed Crystal on top of the silver base using a synthetic Nyx shader brush (my go to for glitter as it doesn’t get glitter trapped in any bristles).


Onto eyeliner I’m still creating my signature wings but with a new product, to begin with I tight-lined with Nyx Tres Jolie gel eyeliner pencil. The new product I’m using is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Waterproof Creme Colour in Jet. I’ve not seen many people talk about these eyeliners which made me want to try one for myself. I’ve never had a good relationship with gel eyeliner I find it quite tricky to use, but I’m persevering and I also used a new brush by a brand called Bdellium tools, it’s there bent liner brush, the nib is so slim and tiny that it’s great for getting a sharp line and precise inner corner, but for the main body of the wing if you want thick eyeliner it’s difficult to drag the gel eyeliner back towards the lashes so I’ve been using a Real Techniques lip brush just whilst I get used to the gel formula.


Moving onto the face I’m priming using MAC Strobe cream in Peachlite and topping that off with a bit of extra glow on my cheekbones using Topshop’s Glow pot in Polished. On any uneven texture I’m using Benefit Porefessional to smooth out and blur pores.

For my base I’m still using Revlon Colourstay but I always mix with another foundation to get more coverage and this time I’m mixing with an old favourite Rimmel Match Perfection, and to get my perfect pale gal shade I’m using the Nyx Pro Foundation Mixer in white. This mixer is stark white and quite thick so a little goes a very long way and be careful, if you like a watery foundation because of it’s lightweight texture adding this mixer to it will completely change the formula so I would recommend using an equally watery shade adjuster for example the Body Shop Lightening/Darkening drops. I work this mixture into my skin using a damp Real Techniques sponge.

For concealer I’m still using my holy grail mix of Collection Lasting Perfection on any spots/redness and Urban Decay Naked Skin under my eyes and on any areas I want to highlight.


I’m still trying to use my cream products more so I took Chanel’s Soleil tan de Chanel on a Real Techniques Sculpting brush and worked this into the outer perimeter’s of my face and down my neck. Then I dotted a bit of the Nars Multiple in Portofino onto the apples of my cheeks then blended this all out with the same Real Techniques sponge.

I then set my face using my trusty mix of MAC Mineralize skin finish natural in light and MAC Studio fix, again using the damp sponge to begin with to take away the wet feeling of the foundation, and also naturally set my base, but for any other areas that still feel tacky I take a flat top brush and the same two powders and press it into my skin to add more coverage and to stop the foundation from separating. To lighten up a few areas of my face that also have some bumpy texture I used the Nars Light Reflecting Loose Powder as this has a little bit of white flashback to it and also leaves such a silky finish to the skin.


For contour I’ve turned back to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour kit (Light/Medium) and the shade Fawn on a circular blush brush, I find this distributes product better and helps blend better on top of other powders. For bronzer I’m using my staple Bobbi Brown Golden Light and the blush I’m using is Clinique Cheek Pop in Peach Pop.


Onto my favourite part, highlight! I’m using an intense highlight with a very in your face reflect. Jeffree Star came through with his Ice Cold skin frost! Finally the perfect silvery highlight for us pale girls it is so intense so only a small amount is needed! I wanted to add a bit of depth to the highlight as well so on the highest points on my face I used the lilac shade from the Sleek Solstice palette to add a lavender tone as this compliments my skin tone really well.

Jumping back to my eyes for the lower lash line I took the peachy orange colour from the Morphe 35O palette and ran this quite low down and for closer to the lash line I grabbed my custom Z-Palette and mixed two shades from Makeup Geek: Bitten(1) (red/brown) and Motown(1) (cool purple) and ran this closer to my bottom lashes and blended this out.


I’ve been using MAKE UP FOR EVER’S Aqua XL black pencil in my waterline and smudging this into my lashes. To set this and blend further I’ve been using a Morphe angled liner brush and again dipping into my Z-Palette and Coloured Raine’s Black Moon(2).Ā I can’t go without curling my eyelashes so I did just that then applied two coats of Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara on top and bottom lashes.


I’m also using MAC’s Nylon(1) and Makeup Geek’s Blacklight eyeshadow(2) mixed for my inner corner and brow bone highlight.


Finally for lips I’m using another new product, Gemini Velour Liquid Lipstick by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. This look could easily be paired with a nude lipstick, but I felt this burnt orange/red shade complimented the crease colours and makes my whole look that little bit bolder! And finally another spritz of MAC’s Fix Plus to take away the powdery finish and keep my face feeling hydrated.

2017-01-20 11.12.18 1.jpg

2017-01-20 04.21.12 1.jpg

2017-01-20 05.02.21 1.jpg


And that’s it for another tutorial! I hope you enjoyed this random look I created, I’m going to try my best to upload two more posts before I go back to University since I’m really enjoying writing and taking photos again. I’m really proud of how this look turned out and all in all really impressed with the new products I’ve been testing! I couldn’t recommend Morphe eyeshadows enough and Jeffree Star’s liquid lipsticks are a delight but I’ll go into more detail on them very soon *hint hint*. Hopefully you all enjoyed reading through my tutorial and I’ll see you at my next post!



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