Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I posted a tutorial but I thought I’d put together my go to, every day, simple autumn makeup look. This look includes my trusty Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette and if you guys don’t have it yet stay tuned to ABH’s Instagram and Snapchat to know restock dates because this palette is totally worth the money!

I’ll get straight into the tutorial and I’m still starting off with my brows. I’ve had a lot of comments recently saying that every other day my eyebrows look different which is true I find them extremely difficult to shape but that means I can create any brow shape I want depending on the look I’m doing, I have the flexibility to make my brows sharp and straight or arched and curved. For this look I slightly curved my brows at the highest point since there isn’t much eyeshadow involved in this look. I’m still using my ABH dip brow in Dark Brown and the Nyx Control Freak eyebrow gel and then carving out with the MAC Select Cover up concealer.


For the eyes I’m priming as usual and making sure to cover up any discolouration and unevenness on my lids as the eyeshadow is so simple and plain I need a blank base to begin with. I use a mix of the same MAC concealer and some Body Shop Lightening drops since the concealer itself is a little too dark for me. I set this into place using Bone from my Nyx Contour kit and a large fluffy brush.



Next I take the Modern Renaissance palette and the shade Buon Fresco (my fave) and lightly dust this into my crease making sure to blend the edges really well. I then pick up Love Letter on a Nyx crease brush and slowly build up this right into my crease and slowly blend outwards avoiding to get any shadow on my mobile lid. This eye look takes the form of a very soft cut crease. At this point if I apply too much of Love Letter I go back in with Buon Fresco and a little of Illamasqua’s tremble blush to tone down the harsh pink.


I then take Tempera all over my lid and into my inner corner to clean up and now it’s onto the eyeliner. I tight-lined my upper lash line using Nyx Tres Jolie black pencil eyeliner as it doesn’t transfer and smudge. For my wing I’ve been using a new product, MAKE UP FOR EVER Graphic Liner Vinyl pen in Black, this product is extremely black and easy to use it also dries black and looks so intense and crisp I love it!

Now that I have my wing in place I go back to the Modern Renaissance palette and deepen up the outer corner of the crease with a little bit of Venetian Red.


Jumping onto my face I prime using my usual mixture of Benefit Porefessional and MAKE UP FOR EVER Hydrating Step 1 primer. I usually avoid putting primer on my nose as my nose is the only oily area on my face if I put a product like the porefessional on top the surface becomes even slippier meaning no foundation or concealer will last for more than 5 minutes, but I’ve been putting the left over hydrating primer just across my nose and it’s making my foundation go on a lot smoother and since it has the consistency of a thin moisturiser it doesn’t affect any products I put on top.


I’m still using my ultimate favourite foundation Revlon Colourstay with a pump of Nars Sheer Glow and some Body Shop Lightening drops and blending this all in with a Real Techniques sponge. I’m slightly colour correcting any dullness around spotty areas with the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer and then layering over the top with the Urban Decay Weightless concealer to counteract the peachiness and also popped this under my eyes. I’ve started to set my eyes one at a time to avoid creasing but it’s impossible for anything to not crease so I try my best by using the same sponge in my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Light and I continue to set my face lightly in the same manner. Over the top of this powder I lightly dust the Bobbi Brown Finishing Powder in Porcelain Pearl to give a little dimension back into my skin.

On any areas that don’t feel set I take a flat top brush and the same powder and push the product into my skin. To slightly highlight my face I take the same sponge a small amount of Bone from the Nyx Contour kit under my eyes, chin and forehead.


For contour I’m using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Light/Medium contour kit and the shade Fawn and then bronzing up my skin with a mix of Java from the same palette and my usual Bobbi Brown Golden Light. For blush I used Nars Dual Intensity Blush in the shade Jubilation and the more peachy side which has a definite sheen to it giving my cheeks a fresher appearance. Finally for highlight I used a mix of the Sleek Midas Touch highlighting palette (silver shade) and I Heart Makeup’s Blushing Heart in the shade Peachy Pink Kisses.

Moving back onto my lower lash line I ran a mix of Buon Fresco and Love Letter all the way along and then created my staple smokey black lash line. I’m taking another new product one that is perfect for smudging eyeliner, MAKE UP FOR EVER’S aqua XL black eyeliner pencil and ran this in my waterline and between my lower lashes. I then used my Morphe angled liner brush and Coloured Raine’s Black Moon and pressed this on top of the eyeliner to create a bold bottom lash line, and just so the black doesn’t look to sharp I slightly blended out the edges with the same mix of Buon Fresco and Love Letter.


For my inner corner I used the glittery square in the Bobbi Brown finishing powder and I also popped this on my brow bone. I’m still using Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir for my mascara although I am running really low on this now!


Finishing up with the lips because the eyeshadow is so simple any colour could be paired up. I’ve worn this with a dark pink, dark red, black and a pinky nude. My pinky nude option in the photos is MAC Boldly Bare lip pencil topped with MAC Angel lipstick. The other alternative options I have are Revlon’s Ultra Matte HD lip colour in Devotion, NYX Liquid Suede in Cherry Skies, MAC Rebel lipstick, MAC Mattene lipstick in Power My Spirit and NYX Macaron lipstick in Chambord.


So that’s all for this look a very easy one to recreate on a daily basis, I do hope you enjoyed it and I’ll be back very soon!


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