Hey everyone! I know recently I’ve been doing a lot of hauls but June and July seem to be my months of spending but after this I’m holding back and saving more for when I go to university in September. As I said in my last post I love Leeds for shopping, I didn’t do as much damage as last time but still picked up a few bits I’m really excited about!

I’ll start with makeup:

I visited Boots to go to the massive NYX counter specifically to find glitters and glitter glue. The glitters aren’t for sale in the Manchester store so I picked up the silver glitter with rainbow reflect (CRYSTAL) and a bright deep purple glitter (VIOLET). Along with this I bought the glitter primer. The glitter pots are a little bit smaller than the MAC pigment pots and they have a filter on top but I won’t be using the filter as it releases literally no product. On first impression Crystal is a bit chunkier but is absolutely stunning and Violet is a lot finer but not as reflective. The glitters cost £5.50 and the primer costs £8.00.


Also whilst in Nyx I wanted to try one of the ombre blushes, I also wanted a more peachy colour since I’m lacking that sort of shade in my collection and have enough bright pinks. They had no testers available so I had to judge off packaging and I’m really impressed with my judgement. I picked up the shade Strictly Chic which is a sort of muted coral colour perfect for my fair skin. The blush is ridiculously pigmented a little goes a very long way!

The last item I got from Nyx was a contour kit refill pan. I’ve had my contour kit since February and the matte ivory shade has completely run out but all the other colours are still full and I never knew they did pans to replace shades and customise the palettes with. So instead of getting the same pink toned white I got the shade Bone which is a straight up matte white perfect for carving out contour or a matte highlight. The pans cost £3.25 which I think is incredibly cheap!

The last makeup item I got was from Bobbi Brown. For a while now I’ve been looking at their Brightening Finishing Powder in the shade Porcelain Pearl which contains a white shimmer, mint green, yellow, blue, lavender and pink grid designed to be mixed together to create a natural looking finish to the skin. I never intended to buy this but it was right there in front of me and too pretty not to get. I’m intrigued as to how this performs on my skin and see if it does give an illuminated appearance or not.

The last two items in this haul are clothing related and the first is pretty boring and plain. Since I bought the white and mauve t-shirts from H&M the other week I’ve been wanting more colours as they are just so easy to wear with jeans and trainers and very comfortable. So because I live in black clothing it made sense to get a plain black t-shirt something which I surprisingly don’t already own.

The last item is from Urban Outfitters. I’m a bit hit and miss with Urban Outfitters as they either have loads of stock I love or nothing at all and it is pretty pricey, but I thought Urban Outfitters would be my best shot at an oversized denim jacket and I was right. I picked up a black slightly oversized thick denim jacket. The fit of this just goes to the top of my thigh and the sleeves are large around the shoulders but not too long on the arms but obviously I always have the choice to roll them up. I’m planning on personalising my jacket with iron on patches but that won’t be happening just yet. The jacket also comes in a mid blue toned denim colour and both retail for £56.



So that’s all for this haul, I’m trying to make myself buy cheaper makeup as I know more expensive brands aren’t as accessible and as I am a student I know I won’t be able to afford it for ever so trying to find cheaper dupes of high end products is always an on-going project and I have to say that Nyx I’m finding to be great at recreating high end makeup and following trends at affordable prices.


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