Hello everyone! I’ve got a bit of a different post for you today. For my birthday I received the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette so today I’m going to show you some swatches, tell you which are my favourite shades and give an update as to how I’m getting along with the shades after a couple of weeks of use on my eyes.

Ever since Anastasia posted a picture of this new palette launch I was obsessed warm neutrals with pops of red and gold is everything to me! I’m becoming increasingly obsessed with rose gold and dusty rose colours for eyes lips and clothing, so the packaging for this palette fits right in. The pink, white and gold is so sophisticated and really works with the ABH brand and the actual palette itself is a velvet packaging, if any of you are familiar with the original Urban Decay packaging you’ll know what sort of velvet I mean really sleek, soft and messiness prone so I’m keeping the box in pristine condition for this palette.

First of all I’d like to give a big shout out to Beauty Bay for firstly stocking this palette, secondly delivering so quickly and thirdly for not breaking the items inside. I don’t know if everywhere does this in the UK but for me if a package comes and I’m not in the house they will usually leave a note and place it somewhere nearby to the house and when I last ordered something from Beauty Bay one of the items was glass and when I came home I found that the packaging had been thrown through an open window and was on it’s side on the floor so I was on edge thinking everything inside would be smashed but because of the great use of bubble wrap and an extra box inside a box my items were completely fine and that was the same this time so I’m extremely thankful!

Ever since ordering the palette I have been staring at swatches of the shades and I was most excited for Love Letter, Vermeer and Buon Fresco so let’s get into the photos and swatches and I’ll tell you my thoughts.

So this is what the palette looks like outside of the box, muted pink velvet, white simple writing and the gold Anastasia logo.


This is the inside of the palette. A great sized mirror, shiny black casing and again the gold Anastasia logo. The palette contains 14 shades a mix of matte, satin and shimmer. I’ve also been told that the pan sizes are bigger in this palette than the older limited edition palettes which I’m all for! The palette also comes with a double ended brush, at one end a fluffy blending brush and the other end a more dense smudge brush. The brush isn’t too bad since usually compact/palette brushes are pretty useless but then again you would expect a half decent brush from a brand like ABH. I definitely prefer the denser side to apply inner corner and brow bone highlight.



So onto the swatches! I’ll be swatching row by row from top left to bottom right to on my forearm. For the swatches I know it is important to apply all the shadows with the same amount of product and pressure. I used my third finger and moved my finger up and down three times to get this colour pay off and after every shade wiped my finger dry so not to enhance any of the colours with moisture.

Here are the top row swatches:



FIRST IMPRESSION: One of the satin shades in the palette as it isn’t completely matte and has a very fine almost unnoticeable shimmer running through it. The shade is the lightest in the palette and comes off on me as a yellow based cream colour. For someone with a less fair complexion this could be a great nothing/all over lid colour but for me it isn’t light enough so I could use this as the first transition shade and a brilliant blending out colour.

AFTER USE: After trying this shade out in different places on my eye I can still say that this colour is not light enough to use as a highlight but is really nice to set my eye primer and to blend out any harsh edges.


FIRST IMPRESSION: this shade is as it says the perfect yellow ochre colour. As the renaissance is known for its artwork a lot of the colours are names and inspired by this period. Golden Ochre is the yellow ochre of the paint world and works as a very neutral transition/crease colour. The pigment is brilliant like the rest of the shadows and I’ll say this now these shadows are the most luxury shadows I’ve ever touched, extremely soft and beautifully blendable I am so so impressed!

AFTER USE: As a swatch the shadow seemed very even and blendable however when I put this one on my lid at first is blends slightly patchy and needs a bit more building up than the other colours but it still is the perfect transition shade.


FIRST IMPRESSION: A gorgeous champagne pink metallic eyeshadow. The pigment behind this shadow is excellent and even more blinding when applied wet. Since the colour isn’t overly pink it can be used with any colour combination all over the lid to open up the eyes and create a fresh appearance to the eyes.

AFTER USE: I have been using this as an all over lid shade and it is stunning and really does brighten the eyes. I’ve also used this as an inner corner highlight and have been equally impressed, I don’t like this shadow on my brow bone as a highlight as it is slightly to pink and doesn’t give as sharp as a highlight as I would like on my brow bone.


FIRST IMPRESSION: This colour is the one I was most intrigued by, I’ve never had any eyeshadow like this one. The best way I can describe this is the packaging colour in an eyeshadow it’s the perfect combination between rose and lilac and is extremely pigmented. I don’t know why but I was expecting this shade to have less pigment than all the others but I think that’s because any pale colour I ever buy seems to not show up on my skin but it definitely does and minimal amount of product is needed.

AFTER USE: When I first tried the palette on my eyes I jumped straight for this shade and I really want to emphasise the fact that hardly any product is needed to get a perfect transition. I find this works really wear with the red/pinky shades in palette which I initially thought were going to be hard to use but I have been proved very wrong.


FIRST IMPRESSION: This shade is described on the ABH website as a metallic eyeshadow but it’s nowhere near as metallic as Vermeer. Antique Bronze takes the place of a staple bronze shade in any palette. I genuinely thought this colour was one I would avoid out of the whole palette because in pictures it looks like it has chunky glitter that also looks like a spray overlay, luckily it’s not just an overlay and isn’t chunky in the slightest. The bronze is slightly on the warmer side and has quite an orange base which is perfect for my blue eyes.

AFTER USE: I’ve only used this once because I have been a lot more intrigued my the other colours in the palette but from my usage this colour has A LOT of fall out so be really careful not to use too much and build up slowly. Like I said in my first impression it is a very staple colour so you can’t go wrong.


FIRST IMPRESSION: THIS COLOUR IS STUNNING! I have nothing like this in my collection and was the main reason I wanted this palette. Love letter is a pink toned red matte an is a bit of a pain to remove but that is completely fine with me. The pigment and formulation is insane and I can’t wait to use it in a tutorial!

AFTER USE: I’m happy to report that it’s not as difficult to remove as I first thought, probably since I applied a lot more than I would use in an eye look. I’ve been using this whilst I’ve been away as a pop of colour on the lower lash line with a very simple lid and it works a dream, I’ve not experienced any fall out from this colour either so doesn’t stain the face as some pigment type eyeshadows can.


FIRST IMPRESSION: A staple colour needed in a palette like this. Cyprus Umber is a deep chocolate matte brown and is equally as pigmented and blendable as the other matte shades and doesn’t blend out in an uneven way. The perfect colour for deepening the outer corner and socket line, or creating smokey eyeliner.

AFTER USE: Definitely don’t need a lot of this colour to get a deeper crease and outer corner or it will over power any shadow you have already put down, I made that mistake when using it for the first time and ended up with a very brown smokey eye with no other colours.

Now the second row, again I swatches these shadows all the same way from left to right.



FIRST IMPRESSION: One of three matte orange toned shadows in the palette. Raw Sienna is a more muted orange, possibly more on the brown side making it a great shade to deepen the crease with. This shade seemed to be a little bit more powdery than the others but still bursting with pigment so I’d say be careful when dipping in with a brush so it doesn’t go everywhere.

AFTER USE: On the eye the eyeshadow doesn’t act powdery it feels just as smooth and is just as pigmented and blendable as all the others and I have been reaching for this colour more when going for a more natural warm eye and is it not as stark as the other oranges but still helps to bring out blue eyes.


FIRST IMPRESSION: The second matte orange shade this is a deeper but brighter orange colour compared to Raw Sienna and I know I’ll get a lot of use out of this one. I find it really hard to find good quality matte oranges and since that is my staple shade for the crease it becomes really annoying. I’ve always wanted to create a matte orange smokey eye but the oranges I have aren’t bright enough or blend really unevenly, so I see a lot of promise with this shade.

AFTER USE: I’ve been using this shade to brighten up and bring out the orange in Raw Sienna and I find on the lid it comes off a lot more peachy than straight up orange which I am quite glad about as there is already a bright orange in the palette, and duplicates of colours in palettes really frustrate me.


FIRST IMPRESSION: This is the second metallic shade in the palette but this time it’s gold. I find this shade extremely flattering as the gold isn’t too yellow or too orange, it is very neutral so I think this shade would be universally flattering. Again the pigment is brilliant and the formulation is heavenly.

AFTER USE: I’ve not been reaching for this shade as much as I thought as I would as I think I really prefer my orange toned golds for example MAC Amber Lights/Inglot AMC pigment in 24, but still a pretty colour and it has been well loved this past week.


FIRST IMPRESSION: Another interesting shade, this one is completely matte and is a very earthy red so not as bright as the others which makes it perfect for a neutral smokey eye but adds that little hint of red which again I think would be universally flattering but especially so on green eyes.

AFTER USE: I’ve been using this mixing in with Realgar to make a more natural shade to deepen the crease with instead of using Cyrus Umber to achieve a more daytime look. I’ve not managed to use this on its own as I’ve not had time to fully figure out more dramatic looks but I can’t wait to get experimenting.


FIRST IMPRESSION: This shade has the same sort of appearance as Tempera and has a slight shimmer but really looks matte once applied. In the pan this colour looks quite similar to Love letter but you can definitely tell it is a lot less pink in tone but still a “cool” red and is very bright. The formulation is the same buttery softness as the others.

AFTER USE: I do treat this as a matte colour to add an earthy pop to the outer corner and crease, the shimmer really isn’t noticeable at all once on the lid and I’m slowly getting to grips with using reds again and I think this palette is the cause of my wanting to experiment.


FIRST IMPRESSION: Another shadow I have nothing like in my collection. At first glance this shade looks quite out of place within this palette as it is a very cool toned brown/sand colour. However it is a perfect transition shade for most looks and the pigmentation on this one if incredible a little goes a very very long way but needs a lot of blending out.

AFTER USE: I’m finding this really hard to incorporate into my looks using this palette as it is so cool toned. I have used this as a transition shade but it doesn’t do anything that Golden Ochre doesn’t already do. I prefer to use this shade with a more cool toned smokey eye using a different palette. However I do like to run Warm taupe lightly under neath my bottom lash line to create a smooth base and blending out shade for any lash line work.


FIRST IMPRESSION: A true orange which I will get a lot of use out of! A great matte so so smooth! This colour has the exact same formulation as Love letter and almost feels like a pressed pigment as the colour pay off is so strong and instantly visible. This does have great staying power which also means it can stain so make sure to have a good makeup remover at hand.

AFTER USE: Again luckily I was wrong about the staining the shadows are incredibly easy to remove but I will still say that a very light hand is needed with this colour as it deposits a hell of a lot of pigment at once and a lot of blending is key to making this colour work.

All in all I am OBSESSED with this palette it is totally me! I’m so impressed and extremely grateful to have this palette in my collection. I know this will be my go to for months to come and this will be my holiday palette which I will take away to Italy. All the colours are consistent when it comes to pigmentation and blend ability and no colour is a disappointment! I feel that if I could edit this palette the only things I would add are a warm matte black and a matte white and that would make the palette personally perfect for me!

I would highly recommend this palette to anyone whether you be a makeup artist or a beginner to makeup it’s the perfect way to create neutral soft looks and very intense and dramatic looks all in the one compact palette. Thankfully this palette is a permanent part of the ABH range unlike the other limited edition palettes which always sell out instantly.

So that’s it for this post I’ve really liked sharing this first impression with you all and I hope my comments have helped you decide to take the plunge or not with this palette. Thank you for reading and I’ll be back soon!






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